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10 months


WINNER - Best Civil Engineering Works

2016 Excellence in Construction Awards WA

Upon award of the project, Credentia engaged with the design group being Oldfield Knott Architects, Peritas Civil & Structural, BEST Consultants and State 28 Interiors to work the design of the 17-acre container logistics facility.

Credentia also acted as client representative and engaged in extensive design and submission meetings with Fremantle Port to ensure all port operational requirements were met.

Works commenced on site with full site excavation and installation of major civils, drainage, fire and electrical services to connect to the existing port infrastructure.

The site, known as AREA C, was built on land reclaimed from the ocean in a major port redevelopment. Area C had to then be built over with engineered base and materials varying 600 to 1200mm thick for the heavy-duty 60mm asphalt hardstand to cater for stacking containers stacked up to seven high. A new slip road and other entry-exit areas were designed and built to ensure smooth truck and traffic flow continued through Rous Head and the facility.

As well as the vast underground civils scope, the project also included for:

  • A 14m high, 100m2 workshop with mezzanine offices and breakout area.
  • Multiple 25m high light poles on concrete mass bases.
  • A 72,000-litre refuelling facility with hardstand.
  • Two storey Administration building.
  • Truck entry Gatehouse and check-in areas.
  • An 1,100m2 Container washdown facility with full water recycling facility

Due to Rous Head having no deep sewage infrastructure and the Port’s very strict policies on stormwater control, all surface stormwater was directed to a large capacity swales and basins system surrounding the hardstand. All WC and waste facilites from offices and buildings were connected to underground ATU systems (Aerobic Treatment Units).

The container washdown area, under strict Australian Customs control, was directed to a 12,000-litre water recycling treatment plant adjacent complete with rain detection and stormwater re-direction.

Credentia Construction was awarded “Best Civil Engineering Works” at the 2015 Master Builders Excellence in Construction Awards for this project.